Anton Karas was born on the 7th of July, 1906 in Vienna. Already as a child, Anton was very enthusiastic about music, especially he was fascinated about organ playing. His greatest wish was, to become a director of music. Due to the modest financial circumstances he got only education in "Zither" playing. He found the instrument in the loft of his grandmother's house. Anton was 12 years old.

From 1920 to 1924 he took evening lessons on the Pollux musician school in Vienna. During the day he was working as a tool maker apprentice. With the age of 17 he became a professional musician and he performed at some Heurigen restaurants in Vienna Sievering. Karas studied from 1924 to1928 harmony at the Viennese Music Accademy. His teacher was Professor Spiel. During this time he performed concerts together with the well known Zither player Adolf Schneer, which was very welcome at the aristocracy society.

1948 Anton Karas met the English film director Carol Reed. This meeting changes his whole life. He composed and played the film music "The Third Man" and he became from this days on a world famous Zither player.

One tour follows another, he played in most of the western countries of Europe, USA, Canada, Argentinia, Japan Hongkong, South Africa and Australia.

Absolute highlights in the life of Anton Karas where the reception at Buckingham Palace and invitations from the Netherlands Royal Court, Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1949) and a private audience at Pope Pius the 7th.

Since the ordinary musician played at the Viennese Heuringen restaurants, he dreamed to have an own restaurant. Now he has the money to realise the plan of an own restaurant. He opend 1953 in the 19th district of Vienna the winery "Zum Dritten Mann". Guests where VIP's and various international people

After 12 years he retired and did only TV performances, openings and concerts just for special events. 1976 the City of Vienna confer to him the Golden Medal of the City of Vienna.
The Zither of Anton Karas sounds the last time in 1985, when Anton Karas was buried at the cemetery in Vienna Sievering.
Many fans from all over the world are visiting his graveyard until today.

A musician family - Anton with his brothers and sisters. 1920
Anton Karas (far right) plays with
the famous "Zither" player Adolf Schneer (left) at the "Heurigen Brandmeyer. 1924
Empress Club, London, 1950    
Reception at
Queen Elisabeth,1950
Back from the USA. 1959

The Winery
"Zum Dritten Mann"
further photographs


With his wife at the wedding of his daughter Mimi and son in law Fritz. 1966
The couple Karas
50 Years
Wedding Aniversery